Karen Bellenir, author of Which Good Book? An Impartial Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation (a Pier Press publication, 2014), has edited dozens of reference books, including Religious Holidays and Calendars, Third Edition, and written more than 200 articles on topics literally ranging from A to Z, including Armenian Nuclear Power Plants and a company history of Zenith Data Systems. Her work has appeared in a diverse range of reference books, newspapers, and nationally circulated magazines, including Encyclopedia of American Industries, Today’s Christian Woman, Scientific American, and the Detroit Free Press. She currently writes a monthly column for the Farmville Herald called “Happy to Be Here” and regularly contributes to Pier Perspectives, a blog that looks at the intersection of spiritual, natural, and tangible realities in contemporary society.

In 1992, Karen founded Wordwright, LLC, and she continues to serve as its editorial director. Wordwright produces works in her name and also serves the needs of publishers by offering a comprehensive range of editorial, production, and project management services, including writing, editing, graphic design, and typesetting. To date, Wordwright has produced more than 300 books under her direction, including numerous titles in the Health Reference Series, Teen Health Series, and Teen Finance Series (Omnigraphics).

Karen holds a B.A. in English Literature from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, where she was awarded Departmental Honors. She subsequently earned an editing certificate from the University of Chicago’s Graham School by successfully completing advanced coursework focused on developmental, substantive, and copy editing.

Karen is available for writing and editing assignments (contact form).

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