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Happy to Be Here: A Transplant Takes Root in Farmville, Virginia

In this delightful compilation of essays from her popular newspaper column, Karen Bellenir brings a sense of curiosity and wonder to the process of becoming acclimated to life in small-town America.

If you enjoy my newspaper column which appears monthly in the Farmville Herald, you’ll love this book, a collection of columns from the first seven years: Happy to Be Here: A Transplant Takes Root in Farmville, Virginia, available from Pier Press. Click on the Happy to Be Here tab above to read sample columns.

“Homey and humorous—a front porch view of Farmville. You’ll want to sit on the porch swing and stay awhile!” —Marge Swayne, The Farmville Herald and Farmville the Magazine

“Insight that is admirable and inspiring with plenty of knee slapping humor that makes it just plain fun to read.” —Bob Flippen, Proprietor, Southside Virginia Historical Press

“A true glimpse of the culture, people, places, and events that make up the Heart of Virginia.” —Jordan Miles, Senior Staff Writer, The Farmville Herald

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Walk with the Gospel Writers: Personal Journals for Spiritual Discovery


Four journals in this new series

Do you wish you knew what the Bible had to say about your life’s situations? Are you tired of listening to platitudes as other people glibly quote it? These journals use the simple metaphor of walking and talking with a friend to help you discover Biblical truths for yourself.

“While lectio divina has been around for centuries, this approach is quite accessible and useful to the modern reader. I recommend it as an option for Bible study.” —Doug Walker, Pastor, Grace Chapel, Farmington Hills, MI

“A thoughtful, and thoughtfully designed, journal that will encourage and fulfill Bible reading.” — Paul D. Hoffman, Hope Springs Media, Prospect, VA

This series of journals features one for each of the four Gospels. The 7 x 10 wire-bound versions can be purchased for $19.99. Digital print-your-own versions cost $3.99. Visit the Pier Press bookstore for more details.

whichgoodbookgood_72smWhich Good Book? An Impartial Guide to Choosing a Bible Translation
by Karen A. Bellenir

This interactive tool will help you select the Bible translation that best suits your needs. Available online at WhichGoodBook.com or for free from the Pier Press Bookstore.

“This is a profoundly helpful and very well-executed resource. I would, without reservation, recommend it to anyone in my congregation that is looking for insights into choosing a Bible, not just because it will help them with that choice, but also because it is very informative on the whole nature of biblical translation. I am also impressed that you did all of this without leaving behind the average lay person in a cloud of technical language.” —David Jahn, Pastor, Advent Lutheran Church, Melbourne, Florida

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